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Written in Red Sand

A little shipment of sand breaks open and Shep has to deal with the exposure and subsequent high and the comedown that follows.

Dakota is an adept and since she didn’t join the military until she was 18, I imagine the drug was the only way she could make sense of her abilities until then. It could focus her. And when the sensory overload got to be too much, she’d turn to heroin. Up, down, up, down…etc.
Even without drugs she still gets fidgety.
She still looks at Kaidan’s pain meds sideways sometimes…


Red Sand. It was more like a fine powder, really; dark red, the kind of red that smelled like licorice and tasted like blood. Bitter, metallic, tangy. It undulated up the nose and then slithered through the brain’s synapses like an electric snake. Blue like the sound of thunder. Loud. Violent. Sudden. It ripped apart the stillness, the previous quiet of the mind and shred it into chaotic confetti…confetti that rained down on the devil at his birthday party in hell.

Hot, hot hell. Heat that was like the sight of waves lifting off the pavement in summer. The taste of spicy peppers. Sweat, the smells of sour, baking refuse in the bleaching summer sun…

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